When it pours, you reign.

Share the Spirit – Angostura’s 2012 Christmas TVC


  1. Shamila Hosein says:

    Angostura all the way.Baking,sipping,drinking and paranging.

  2. Viola says:

    Really good commercial, it’s realistic in that, it the spirit of Christmas here in T&T

  3. Karen Riley says:

    Wonderful as always, the true sense of a Trini Christmas. Great job Angostura.

  4. love the advertisement it makes me feel that i wish i was there so festive and wonderful people together enjoying themself.

  5. love your advertisment it’s so festive all the different type of rum and just enjoying yourself with wonderful friends and family great way to spend the holidays.

  6. Frances says:

    I love the commercial. Relator’s voice and the Christmas atmosphere put a big smile on my face. Merry Christmas everyone!

  7. sarah says:

    angostura is always de best.
    nw an 4everrrrr

  8. Charles says:

    One of the few times I’m really happy about a local ad, keep up the great work!

  9. with those kind of friends i could parang all night long with angostura drinks on the side i only merry christmas to angostura and family and have a happy new year.

  10. I don’t drink but this is definitely a very high quality persuasive advertisement. Thumbs up Angostura

  11. Denise says:

    really all rounded. suited for all purposes. very persuasive and everyone in the ad has a brilliant smile.

  12. Alicia says:

    Yes very local and ideal commercial for marketing our products at home and abroad. The use of Relator’s voice powerful. It reminded me of the previous one with Late Lord Kitchener. Great commercial.

  13. Janice Camps says:

    Yes, I loved it, just a great advertisment, and Relator’s voice just worked magic. Very suited to Trinbago. I love to bake and make Christmas drinks, and Angostura Rum goes so well with fruit cake and Ponche-de-Creme. Its the best

  14. DANIEL says:

    Wonderful Ad.Done with Trini To The Bone Style.Angostura has done it again

  15. All I have too is say Merry Christmas from Angostura, and in ah trini way nice too bad………………….

  16. Angelina Senior says:

    Had me tapping my toes whilst watching. I enjoyed and thank you. Thus far I have never been disappointed by your work, keep it up.

  17. sarah says:

    totally sharing the spirit…I love it.

  18. Steffy Heera says:

    I just love this Ad. Its so Trini, The song just makes u feel to drink a bottle of Angostura rum while doing the Christmas cleaning, decorating, painting, when ur baking d ham and off course when ur lime and Paranging. This is a true Trini Christmas with Angostura. Merry Christmas

  19. Angela D. Pierre says:

    The Spirit of Christmas Season with family and friends, it is a great advertisement. Toast to Angostura.

  20. Terry Woodsley says:

    like,nice and festive,suits de season, it’s so nice i watched it twice

  21. kemmi forbes says:

    That’s the spirit….love the ways u guys made it real…….ah real Trini christmas

  22. angela ramjohn says:

    angostura the true spirit of the season!!!